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Vietri sul Mare


Photo: Vietri Sul Mare

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The appeal of Vetri sul mare, like the one of all the little villages along the Amalfitan Coast, it's to be able to offer to the visitors astonishing emotions linked to the traditions, renewing them every year without loosing the original sense.

V ietri sul mare is the last village of the Amalfitan Coast going towards Salerno. This little town has ancient origin lost in time dated to the Etruscan. During the time has seen the Roman and Sunnit's domination. An important history developed until this days, which is easy to find evidences of, all aroud the area especially looking to the urban track and the Baroque buildings.

Cupola con maioliche
Photo: Vietri Sul Mare

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Monasteries and churches covered with vivid coluoured majolicas are the main characteristic of this splendid landscape. You need to shift your sight just outside the village in order to take a look to the cultivation terraces all around: lemon groves, olive groves and vineyeard are well ordinated following the teaching of the ancient tradition. Geometrical backyard perfectly designed are the source of the fresh and tasty products that is possible to buy in the local little shops and that are the base of the recipes of the local unique meals.

The sea offers unforgettable views all around, enchanted landscapes like the one of "Due Fratelli", which are 2 huge rock formations that sprout up from the water of the beach in front of the village. There are plenty of legends around this ancient formation.

There are a lot of paths around Vietri, you can choose to go by walk through paths that run into the village ending towards the mountains, perfect destinations for trekking and nature lovers or by boats, exploring the sea along the coast between creeks and caves in order to enjoy unique landscapes.

During summer time many cultural events are organized: Letterature prizes, movie festivals and many concerts that attract people from many coastal villages around. There are plenty of feast and religious events that fill the nights of the summer becoming important moments in order to present to the tourist the local artisan products. Glass and ceramics are the most valuable productions of this area. Near this artisan products there are many gastronomic products like: olive oil, vines and diary products.

At the present time Vetri's products are sold in wonderful shops all around the world, rappresenting a symbol of high class, elegance, taste and also an excellent example of Made in Italy.

The ceramics of Vietri

The most important product of Vetri all around the globe it's the artistic ceramic, an old tradition linked to the Etruscan. Walking along the streets of the village is possible to see many artisan shops that sell plates, amphoras and many vivid coloured objects, all these product are made in local artisan factories. It's common to see few votive chappels watching in the corner of some streets or inside the courts, it's also possible to see particular kiosk made of ceramic that are a real master pieces. The ceramic decoration was born rappresenting only geometrical forms, during the time this art has evolved enriching the forms with: bucolic designs, birds and little shepherds that has transformed a simple design in a proper form of art.

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