Chapel of San Michele
An amazing walking through the country side around the village in order to discover little jewels around, it will lead you to the little church of San Michele Arcangelo that was b ...
The churches of Tramonti
Tramonti is a comunity made of 13 farmhouses, linked by suggestive little alleys that passing through vegetable gardens made on terraces and green and organized vineyeards that al ...



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Its name perfectly describe the configuration of this suburb: "intra montes", which means land between mountains.

Tramonti is located in Monti Lattari insides, an area full of typical cultivation terraces as: lemon groves, vineyeards and olive groves; all these cultivations benefit of this unique climate between mountains and sea, a perfect land which make excellent products grow.

You can notice the glorious past of this area everywhere across this land: ancient sanctuaries, churches dated back in the 1400th century and convents, reacheable thanks to walking paths through little streets into a wilderness nature.

Every year the ancient prestige has remembered in its Historical Parade that recall the hospitality offered to Ferdinando I d'Aragona in 1460.

The beauty of Tramonti is its history and strengh: many enchanted landscapes that suddenly appear along woods paths, where is possible to look at the sea and all the Amalfi Coast.

Like many others villages along the Amalfi Coast, also Tramonti has ancient origins, according to few people dated back to the Romans, according to others dated  back to the Etruscan. The history of this village is linked to that of the Repubbliche Marinare, in particular with Amalfi's history that gives to Tramonti a huge prestige.

During summer time this little town organizes many events where history, religion, folk and eno-gastronominc traditions are mixed in order to enjoy all the tourists who visit this attractive suburb. Among a schedule full of amazing events, it's impossible to forget about the "Festival della Pizza", "La sagra del Vino" (feast of wine) and "La sagra del Limone", (feast of lemon), particular moments able to enhance and presents to the people who don't know products of this land, local creations of this area and their wholesome quality.

Typical Products

All the perfumes of this land are closed in its typical products: vines, dairy products, extra-vergin olive oil, fresh vegetables, breads and fragrant biscuits. Tramonti is well known all around the world for the natural vocation of its citizen to make an extraordinary pizza. Planty of pizzeria are all around this area, many associations has born in order to preserve the quality of this ancient product, originating a particular brand: De.Co (council denomination), a certificate that claims the genuineness of Tramonti's pizza.

Focus Tramonti

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