St Pietro Apostolo Church
It's a beautiful Norman Church built after the extinction of the Saracen community in Cetara as symbol of the superiority of the Christianism against the Muslims. Many restores d ...
Franciscan Monumental Complex
The Franciscan Monumental Complex of Cetara is a important religious and architectural destination. It has ancient origin and it's compose by the San Francesco Church, the Cloiste ...
Vicereale Tower
It's an Angioina's tower perfectly conserved that overlook the Cetara's beach. Like all the other coastal towers, it had the goal of gave a good view in order to prevent the city ...


Photo: Cetara

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All around the suburb is possible to see vineyard, lemon grove and olive grove, alternate with rocky mountains. A fluroshing nature, a sort of little paradise opened to all the visitors.

Cetara is a little ancient suburb at the bottom of the Monte Falerzio in a valley harvests by lemon grove. It's an old village linked to its history and traditions. Cetara has always been a place of fishermen, the name of the village itself cames from "cetari", which means tuna sellers.

The history of Cetara follows the path of Amalfi's, like many villages on the coast. The turkish attacked the village in 1534 taking a huge part of the population in sleavery. After this bad experience the inhebitant of the village has built a big watch tower in order to defend the coast from the enemies. The name of the tower is Torre Vicereale, is possible to see it also in the present days.

Cetara is quiet and tidy at the present time. It has its original structure, with the houses facing the harbour and many alleys e steps that lead outside the village. Walking in the little streets, following an immaginary path that brings you to the mountains, ii's possible to see the gardens and the coloured backyards full of amazing plants and trees and obviously the washing on the line in the sun, but the most important things are the flavors of the meals prepared by the Cetara's women. The smells of: tomato, fresh basel, anchovies with mint are astonishing, many times these aromas seem to call us inside the houses asking for hospitality, this could be a good idea because the population is so friendly.

We are sure that when you will came back home from Cetara, also your luggage will smells of lemons.

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Tourism and fishing

Cetara lives thanks to the quiet tourism and the fishing. There are plenty of handmade work around fishing in order to process and store the fishes. The active citizens of Cetara have made a perfect job mixing tourism and fishing, using this ancient art in order to attract many visitors. There are many ingredients that made this place wonderful: the typical products, fresh fish cooked perfeclty and the "lampare" that bright watching the horizon from the little harbour, all these ingredients made this ancient maritime suburb unbeliveable. Add to all these important facts, there are many feasts, festivals, gastronomic nights and many cultural events that can brigthen the spirits during the summer. The "Sagra del Tonno e delle Acciughe" (festival of tuna and anchovies ), is one of the most caracteristic of this place, confirming the vocation for the fishing of this zone.


There is an important gastronomic event in December in order to discover the ancient Cetara's tradition. Duriong this manifestation all the restaurant prepared a particular meal called "colatura di alici" (anchovies ). This is an old Cetara speciality, it's a drink made by distilling the curing of the anchovies that are previously catched in the amazing sea near the village. An ancient tradition told about this "colatura", telling that this drink is a descendent of the ancient "garum", which was a Roman sauce used with many meals. In the artisan shops on the little alleys of Cetara is possible to buy all the typical products of the zone like: the "colatura di alici", preserved anchovies and matchless tuna impossible to find in a normal market. It's possible to find many other products like: sweets with citrus fuits aroma and one of the most famous products, the "Limoncello", it's almost impossible to resist.

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