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 Amalfi, one of the most popular city in Campania, is the bitten heart of the coast which gets its name from this city. Amalfi is an italian icon.

Amalfi was one of the "Repubbliche Marinare": it was pugnacious and combative. Along the history, Normans conquered the city,then it was plundered by the 'pisani' and the pirates and wrecked from seaquakes; in the '600 the city faced its worst time: Amalfi was alone, because the few connections, normally used to ship products around the coast, were impossible to use at that time.

A huge Amalfi's youth emigration toward the coasts of America impoverished the territory more than ever, until the birth of different artisan works based on the local products. This new activities slowly brought Amalfi to its ancient glory.

Since the end of the World War II, Amalfi has become destination of cultural tourism, artist from all over the world, Holliwood stars and important persons from the cultural system choose this wonderful place to spend their time. All these people choose Amalfi for its wilderness, perfect weather and a crystal sea, all these factors garantee a long and warm summer.

The Amalfi's events schedule is full of tradition, religions and culture. The historical boat race called "Regata Storica delle Repubbliche Marinare", is one of the most impressive event to see. Its historical parade with characters in medieval costume and the boat race of "Galeoni", which are ancient boats with 8 oars, perfectly rebuilted like they were in the past, it's wonderful.

 In this place is impossible to getting bored! It's easy to find many different opportunities to enjoy this amazing envinment: long walks toward historical monuments, churches and crypts are the common destinaitons. A lot of paths that can bring you from the ancient Duomo, which is the most important religious structure in the city, a Sicilian-Arab church with no equal in this zone, to the "Arsenale della Repubblica" or the ruin of ancient churches and monasteries.

It's possible to start a boat journey from Amalfi to the beauties of the coast, amazing paths between caves and little creeks. Astonishing place for sea lovers.

The city of Amalfi has dedicated a mouseum to this ancient art. There are exposed many ancient technologies used in Amalfi's paper mill several centuries ago in order to produce this excellent paper. A visit to this museus could be a particular moment and it can helps to understand the roots of this tradition.

The lemon is a kind of king in Amalfi, the name of this particular fruit is "Sfusato amalfitano". This ancient variety of lemon is harvest in this territory in amazing places that are very attractive to visit. This kind of lemon is commonly used in a lot of recips in orderto get flavor: to the fishes, to cook amazing cakes and for the renowned "Limoncello", which is an alcoholic beverage.

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