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Sant'Andrea Cathedral


Photo: San Andrea Cathedral

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It's the famous Amalfi's Duomo, built in arab-norman style. The characteristic frontage is made with Byzantine mosaics, it's well known around the world and it's an icon of the city of Amalfi and for the entire Amalfitan Coast.

The Duomo overlook the square with the same name, where is placed up to a 62 steps staircase a '700 fountain. At the left of the Duoom there is the tower bell with mullioned window with two lights. in Arab style. The inside the building was made in Baroque style, with the golden panelled ceiling.There are several pieces of art: bronze and marble statues, paintings and '700 glass, they are a marvellous and unique show to see. A masterpiece, a perfect mix of different style which is the original and exclusive present style of the Duomo.

So! It's impossible to forget to visit this amazing place, with the golden staircase and take a picture of all these amazing art works. How is possible to miss this unbelievable landscape?

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Sant'Andrea Cathedral
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